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At Taqueria El Gallo Rosa, we are committed to providing an authentic taqueria experience using the best ingredients possible. We are dedicated to preparing delicious, high-quality food made with fresh, all-natural ingredients, and prepared with love. We are guided by a single principle when making day to day decisions, and it’s pretty simple: Make the decision that the improves quality of the food & overall experience of our guests.

That’s why we use only fresh ingredients in the production of our food. There are no cans in the kitchen, only fresh products. Does that mean that every once in a while, we will run out of your favorite menu item? Perhaps, but it’s a small price to pay for the promise of high-quality, delicious food with no exceptions. We’re always happy to start fresh on that one tomorrow and make you something equally delightful today.

At Taqueria El Gallo Rosa, our first ingredient is integrity. We are committed to creating a truly authentic experience, starting with our tortillas. House-made with whole corn, imported from the Mexican state of Oaxaca. We soak the corn, mill it, and make the masa right here in the restaurant in order to serve you the freshest tortillas possible. Our beans arrive at the restaurant whole, where we soak, cook, and blend them for the most delicious refried beans you’ll find anywhere.

This commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our restaurant. We start with fresh fruit to make the syrups for our margaritas and cocktails. We also use real dishes and cutlery, and only eco-friendly to-go containers. This is the care we take. At Taqueria El Gallo Rosa, we don’t take short cuts. And while it might cost a little more to do things right, we promise that you’ll taste the difference. From sourcing ingredients to preparing everything fresh, our employees work hard to proudly serve you delicious food and an authentic experience.

We feed our guests as we feed our families—All fresh, every day. Join us for a meal at Taqueria El Gallo Rosa, and taste for yourself what we’re all about.

Choose quality, join us for a meal.

Our Team